Wilderness Inspirations


Wilderness Inspirations ignites courage, confidence, and compassion in women and girls by providing empowering peak experiences.

Wilderness Inspirations, a nonprofit organization, believes in the power of experiential education and endeavors to create empowering adventures and courses available to every woman and girl. No matter the path a young woman has traveled, to what terrain she is accustomed, or where she is headed, Wilderness Inspirations provides life’s navigational tools.

Core Program

Girls Empowered at Mountain Shepherd, GEMS, is our foundational course. A one-week overnight camp for middle school age girls, GEMS meets each girl where she is during this critical time in her development. Girls return each summer to continue their GEMS journeys. For more information on GEMS, visit allgirlsaregems.com.

Core Values

In order to achieve our mission, we strive to:

  • Nurture each woman’s strengths and perspectives in mindfully designed peak experiences
  • Ignite an authentic self-confidence that drives women to thrive in their endeavors
  • Strengthen each woman’s own identity enabling her to share her unique gifts with her local and global communities
  • Instill habits of environmental stewardship in both front- and backcountry settings
  • Celebrate the infinite value in every woman regardless of her income